Could someone have a name called prutvhi?

Answer That's probably a typo. Prithvi is the Hindi and Urdu world for Earth, it is sometimes used as a name in India.

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Hi could someone tell me what the first song being played in called?

Mundian to Bach Ke by Punjabi MC…

Could i win in small claims court if someone is using electricity in my name&not paying the bill?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanUsing electricity in someone else's name is defined by the Federal Trade Commission as an example of "identity theft," a type of fraud. If someone does not pay the bill for... Read More »

Could someone have lymphoma cancer for years and not know?

I seriously doubt it. I think if anything there could be a problem with your diet/lifestyle and I think more than anything, you sound to have severe anxiety. I have been there and it sounds just li... Read More »

Someone stole my phone and I have a number they called. What can I do?

if i were you i would just cancel the phone.. not much you can rlly do