Could someone give me some kids codes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer xxyybxyaaxu,d,u,l,l,l,r,r,u,rx,u,d,x,a,l,l,a,r,y

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If one isnt able to take care of their kids why do they give birth to so many kids?

Itz abt SEX, at that time no one thinks of BIRTH,satisfaction is more imp. at that moment rather thinking abt future problems,for lower class ppl - they still think "more hands means more income" r... Read More »

Can you give me any My Coke Rewards codes?

Do what I do and stalk the recycling bins around your neighborhood (at night so you don't get caught) and trash cans around recycling stations. They generally have flaps around there from the disca... Read More »

Can anyone give me some non promo codes from mycokerewards?

Can you give me rare codes for chaotic online play?

He's a bear although he looks the same as Arthur but apparently, Arthur is an aardvark.