Could someone describe how the food is at your local applebees?

Answer Marginal at best... but they mix a decent margarita

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Applebees or chilis which do you think has better food i think applebees?

Could you describe your favorite outfit♥?

My sexy black suit and heels or my new cashmere sweaters and soft brown yummy and comfy.

What food could someone not pay you enough to eat?

I saw a site years ago that specializes in odd delicacy. They are selling pickled or dried up (human) fetus. It is SO gross! They even have some pictures of the bottled fetus and a person eating th... Read More »

How would you describe American food in your region of the country?

Here in the midwest there's a lot of beef and pork - roasts, steaks, chops - all of the time. Roasting in the winter and grilling in the summer. Summer vegetables and fruits - asparagus, corn, to... Read More »