Could some one plz tell me an easy way to build a model bullet train!! (need it in like a week!)?

Answer Sadly, a model at a model railroad shop would run you WELL in excess of $200...With access to a wood-shop, I'd get a length of stair hand-rail, cut it into lengths for the cars, and taper the two e... Read More »

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How Do I Build a Wood Platform for a Model Train Track?

Model trains can be better appreciated when they are raised off of the floor on a platform. This makes them easier to work on and enjoy without back strain from long hours of leaning over. Platfo... Read More »

Differences among all the "Bullet" styles - Magic bullet, Nutri bullet, Party bullet, etc.?

How fast does a bullet train travel?

The fastest bullet train running in Japan as of January 2011 is the Nozomi train. Due to improvements in infrastructure and signaling, the Nozomi train can reach speeds of up to 220 kilometers per ... Read More »

How to Build a .22 Cal Bullet Trap?

When creating a firing range at home or in any sort of populated area, it is necessary to include bullet traps, regardless of the caliber of bullet being used. A bullet trap is a contraption that i... Read More »