Could signs of pregnancy include having excessive burping in addition to tenderness in breasts and a very light period for last 2 cycles even if your tubes have been tied for about two and a half year?

Answer Answer You could be. no form of birth control is 100%. The only way to know is to test which you should do ASAP. Usually if a woman gets pregnant after having her tubes tied it is a tubal pregnanc... Read More »

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I had my tubes tied but I haven't had my period in 2 months and have pregnancy symptoms can I be pregnant and could I have the baby?

ehh.. I believe your not able to have a baby after you've had your tubes tied.

Could you be having early signs of pregnancy if you're 6 days away from your period and are getting very light cramps on the left side and some back pinches and pinch-like feelings in your breasts?

Answer It could be pregnancy but these are also symptoms of pre-menstrual tension PMT in UK and PMS in the USA

My dr said having tubes tied and clipped burnt and tied is the same success rate you think he just tied mine you don't know and you are kinda wondering if you'll ever be able to get pregnant again?

My mothers (key word, lol) were tied, but not clipped and burnt. They can come un-done, medically and naturally, although not very common.

I had my tubes tied in 1989 but I haven't had a period for four years...Could I be pregnant?