Could salt and vinegar kill blackberry canes?

Answer Enough salt and vinegar will kill anything, but it wouldn't be easy. The best way to get rid of blackberry canes is to cut them all down, then dig up as much of the roots as you can. Wait for them ... Read More »

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How can I kill weeds organically Vinegar Salt?

Ratio of Vinegar & Salt Used to Kill Weeds?

Using vinegar to kill weeds goes back generations when chemical herbicide products did not exist or were not widely available. Gardeners and homeowners used this versatile household product, which ... Read More »

Uses of Blackberry Vinegar?

Blackberries are a natural fruit that are packed with the antioxidant vitamins A and C. They also contain phenolic acids, antioxidant compounds that are believed to stave off carcinogens. Blackberr... Read More »

Are vinegar&salt acids?

Vinegar is classified as a weak acid with a somewhat sour taste. Salt is not an acid or a base. When an acid and base are combined, salt, a neutral substance, is formed.Source:Vision Learning: Acid... Read More »