"Could not find this item" Windows 7 error?

Answer 1) Open a Command Prompt.2) Browse to the folder above the folder you want to delete (if folder is under c:\my documents, type "cd \my documents" without quotes)3) Type 'dir /x' to obtain the 8.3 f... Read More »

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Windows XP installation problem..this disk does not contain a Windows XP-compatible partition error?

Hi,prinshuYou just need 3 steps to repair windows xp installation error:1: Download a windows xp installation error repair tool and install it.2: Open the registry cleaner and scan you computer for... Read More »

How can you activate the item allow multiple values as lookup parameter in Microsoft access at this time this item has been vanished in lookup wizard?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

How do i fix this error code 646 for windows update?

* The solution, in a nutshell, is to disable your firewall. If you’re using McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, F-Secure Internet Security, Norton Internet Security or another Firewall vendor, see its... Read More »

What does this Windows XP Error mean?

You need to boot from your windows DVD/CD, and do a system repair (not restore).You can search Google for instructions on how to do this.Click here:…This ... Read More »