Could my three year old be gifted whats normal?

Answer Your son is very gifted. I know this because I have spent the last 12 years our so studying this to figure out if my son was or not. Our son is 15 now. I will give you some sites to explore and ... Read More »

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How can I challenge gifted 3 year old daughter?

Usually, I roll my eyes when I see the word "gifted." Did you know that 95% of kids are above average according to their parents? :)I was expecting to open this up and see something like, "My girl... Read More »

Whats normal hcg levels?

Hopefully you'll find this site helpful. It has a chart showing normal levels by week of gestation.…

Bee Sting Symptons, Whats normal?

Ouch, I hate bee stings myself. They hurt. Some of the symptoms will be, pain, redness, swelling, and itching. There also may be a bump. But you also got to know what to do to make sure its ok. Fir... Read More »

Whats happening to me this isnt normal :(?

See your doc at once--it could be neurological and it could be very serious.