Could my pain be more psychological then physical ?

Answer Stress has something to do with about 80% of all illness.Just as a thought, do you clench or grind your teeth when under stress??

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Why does the probability of experiencing sciatic pain peaks in the 50s and then decline with more advanced age?

Just thinking; By the time most of us reach 50's we have put on a few extra pounds. In our 60's most of us retire and have more time to relax and spend time at home. I agree with any pain one needs... Read More »

Psychological and Physical Effects of Landmines?

Although originally developed to counter the invention of tanks during World War I, landmines pose a threat to soldiers and civilians alike. Youth Against Landmines estimates that, as of 2004, ther... Read More »

Use of 'Placebo therapy' in the management of physical and psychological ailments...........?

The Placebo Effect" is a very serious problem for the drug companies. Whenever they study the effects of a new drug on Humans they have a control group which gets a placebo. Interestingly the contr... Read More »

How physical or verbal or psychological abuse affects the psychology of the children?

it gives them a morphed mind set like if you are being violent to a kid then he/she may develop something called the violent gene wich causes them to get angrey very easy and if ther parents have t... Read More »