Could my neck be broken?

Answer You should go to a doc prob not broken, but still u need a appointment

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Can you die from a broken neck?

First of all, he may indeed be paralyzed after this, but the likelihood of his dying from a broken neck neck NOW are very much reduced. One thing that happens immediately upon finding someone inju... Read More »

The gums around my broken tooth is VERY swollen and my neck and throat are sore. What could be the problem?

You could very well have an abscess. Get it checked out.Go to another dentist.Make a payment plan.

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Neck (Avoid "Turkey Neck")?

Leave the "gobbler" to the turkey. Loose skin on neck can cause a great deal of insecurity and concern among men and women as we age.The normal aging process causes the neck area to sag and wrinkle... Read More »

Does doing neck stretches or exercises break your neck 10 Points!!! Please Answer.?

There is nothing you can do under your own power with active stretching to break your own neck. If you were to stretch any part of your body in any range of motion and you went too far you would c... Read More »