Could my broadband get faster, any BT/broadband experts out there please?

Answer You are unlikely to see a much of a general increase in your speed, as the speed will be limited by the signal losses between the exchange and your property. Some signal degradation will be caused ... Read More »

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Tools for Making Your Broadband Run Faster?

Broadband Internet connections are supposed to be some of the fastest available. However, in some situations, you may wish that your Internet speed was faster yet. Considering that broadband is the... Read More »

Is high-speed Internet faster than broadband DSL?

Cable Internet has been higher than DSL for some time. In 2008 cable companies upgraded their networks with fiber optics, making them superior in speed. Basic cable Internet download speeds are 4 t... Read More »

Does using an Ethernet cable give you faster broadband than wireless?

No. Nothing you can do at your end will make your INTERNET faster. Ethernet will give you a faster local network connection and more bandwidth between you and the router however, so you will be abl... Read More »

Why do over a dozen nations enjoy much faster broadband internet speeds than the US Aren't we more high tech?

Distance is certainly an issue.But I think the main problem is, companies want to get the most money out of their consumers, so they only give them a small amount of bandwidth for $60 a month, then... Read More »