Could my broadband get faster, any BT/broadband experts out there please?

Answer You are unlikely to see a much of a general increase in your speed, as the speed will be limited by the signal losses between the exchange and your property. Some signal degradation will be caused ... Read More »

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Ebay help please any experts?

Request the money separately in your pay pal account is the way to go. If they change their mind about paying extra then I would sell it to them anyways and pay for the shipping. Dont let your rati... Read More »

Pc experts,How does this pc build sound, what games could it run?

For a budget it seems pretty good. Just make sure your power supply has at least 16A on the +12V rail. The recommended power supply requirements for a Radeon HD 7750 is 400 watts with at least 16A ... Read More »

Computer experts only please read on........?

No, you must get RAM with the right amount of pins or it will not work. Different types of RAM are also different lengths and fit into slots with barriers are different distances along the way, so... Read More »

Computer experts only please, read on........................?

300W is pushing it, especially if you have a PCIe video card. More important than the wattage rating, though, is the amperage on the 12v rail. For a P4-class processor new enough to take on DDR2, I... Read More »