Could my body possibly only need about 7 hours of sleep?

Answer If you sleep too much, it can actually make you feel even more tired. What I do is, I set my alarm to ring at the same time every morning (for me 6AM but it doesn't matter) even weekends. Then, I j... Read More »

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Only got 4 hours of sleep?

Drink coffee, red bull, 5 hour energy, or something like that when you begin to feel sleepy

How to sleep only 3-4 hours a day?

that's what i've been doing since a month ago (the finals time). i drink a lot of tea in the evenings, i don't like coffee, if you like it, you will get better result from coffee. i start my night ... Read More »

I only got four hours of sleep?

nothing because we can have a full sleep in just 3 hours, as per my PE teacher said back in high school

How can sleep only a few hours and be completely awake?

You're probably nervous and amped up from the anticipation. Try some warm milk or caffeine free hot tea without sugar (not everyone's thing.)