Could my Landlord be spying on me (Hidden camera)?

Answer The reason why those spy cameras you found look like that is that they are designed to look like smoke detectors. If you have a sensor which looks like that then there's a 99.9% chance that it's a ... Read More »

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Could it be possible that someone is spying on me using my own webcam on my mac?

I, personally, don't think the web cam viewing from another computer is possible unless your friend is running a video streaming program and so are you. If he is using your web cam he must be very ... Read More »

Hidden camera techniques with a regular camera?

Interesting question. It will not be easy to hide the camera but you can put it behind a dark Plexiglas so it would not be seen.On the other hand depending on the theme or subject and what you are ... Read More »

How to Install a Hidden Camera?

Are you trying to spy on somebody, but don't know how, or you think installing a camera is too expensive? Follow the steps below to figure out how to do this easily and for a cheap price. Make sure... Read More »

Hidden camera advice?

You can input a webcam and air it on the internet on a website, etc..that way you can access it away from home.