Could it mean anything if your eyelids are dry?

Answer On One Hand: Blepharitis an Eye ConditonThe eyelids are part of the body's skin and can dry out just like the rest of the skin. If the skin is dry, it can block the glands that produce tears to lub... Read More »

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Could Back pains at 37 weeks pregnant mean anything?

Answer The baby is putting pressure on nerves within your spine. After you have delivered, I would suggest you have a Chiropractor make adjustments. Since the weight from carrying a baby for 9 mon... Read More »

Could the symptoms of a yeast infection mean anything else when you are pregnant?

Answer Not usually, but sometimes it could be an STD. You might want to make a doctors appointment and have them check you out so you know for sure what it is.

If you could ask your baby anything, what would it be?

Cute question. I actually just want to know what she is saying. My daughter is 11 months and she chatters (baby gibberish) all the time and I wish I knew what in the world she was talking about.

If you could have anything in your room, what would it be?