Could it be possible that someone is spying on me using my own webcam on my mac?

Answer I, personally, don't think the web cam viewing from another computer is possible unless your friend is running a video streaming program and so are you. If he is using your web cam he must be very ... Read More »

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Is it possible to tell if someone is spying on you with a infrared device in your home?

Spying in what way? Infrared can listen to what's said in your home by bouncing an IR laser off a window and catching the reflection. It will carry the vibrations from the sound in your home and ... Read More »

Is it possible to hack someone using puTTY?

PuTTY is a Telnet/SSH Client. If you have open, unsecure telnet ports, then yes, someone could use pputty to haxor you

Is it possible to locate someone using his cell phone?

It's possible to locate a person by pinpointing his cell phone location. However, the phone must be equipped with a GPS system. Phones produced after 2005 contain GPS to comply with Federal Communi... Read More »


Calm down, just block him. I don't think he is spying on you, he probably got your E-Mail address and wanted to spook you.-Elian