Could it be broken ?

Answer There's nothing doctors can do for a broken toe unless it's the big one cause that's the toe that helps you balance. You can "buddy tape" it to the toe next to it. Ice it and change out the padding... Read More »

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Could my arm be broken?

You need to visit a medical location that has an x-ray machine.Look for "orthopedic doctor" for your area. My local orthopedic practice has an x-ray machine, and doctors, right at the one location.

Could my ankle be broken?

I had something similar where my foot fell asleep and I stood up and it twisted and I heard something as well and it hurt like you I had to be carried down three flights of stairs yes broken in ank... Read More »

Could my neck be broken?

You should go to a doc prob not broken, but still u need a appointment

Do You Think It Could Be Broken?

Does it hurt to move your finger? Is it difficult to? If so, a trip to the ER may be in order. If you did break it or fracture it, and it healed during this time, it may have healed incorrectly. If... Read More »