Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if you are always hungry and have hunger pains and after you eat you have an upset stomach?

Answer Answer Hello.Yes this can be a symptom of pregnancy. But the tell tale symptom is no period.

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Are stomach pains a symptom of pregnancy?

Some women have mild PMS type cramps throughout their pregnancy, take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure.

Are stomach pains right after unprotected sex a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer No.Stomach pains after sex does not indicate pregnancy - one way or the other. It is impossible to tell this early.

Why is it that when I eat food or drink something when I'm really hungry, my stomach feels temporarily upset?

Is it before you eat , during, of after? Before and during is probably hunger and if after, go see a pharmacist for free or a doctor :)

Is hunger a symptom of early pregnancy?