Could i make my iphone into a wireless camera?

Answer yes you can im a desighner/creator and i put mine on a helicopter now for your car turn blutooth on your laptop on then your iphone go settings data tranfer and turn record on and it will work

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How do you turn iPhone 4S into a wireless hotspot?

Setting, General, then Personal Hotspot. Hotspot fees may apply.

Could you upgrade your apple iPhone into a 3g version?

The 3G has 3G connection, and I believe it is a little faster too.

Can the ipad camera connection plug into the iphone?

Do you mean the ad where they show iTunes and they choose The Doors album by The Doors to download? (cool). The voice is either Hugh Grant or a Hugh Grant impersonator.

How can i make my rca camera into a wifi ip camera?

It would have to be some kind of digital to analogue it would not be cost effective I doubt it exists.