Could i make my iphone into a wireless camera?

Answer yes you can im a desighner/creator and i put mine on a helicopter now for your car turn blutooth on your laptop on then your iphone go settings data tranfer and turn record on and it will work

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How do you configure your iPhone 4 to only work with the wireless services of a single wireless service provider?

she has a i-phone 4, because i-phone 5 is impossible its a new phone

How to Connect a Non-Wireless Camera to a Wireless Network?

Your digital camera can store photographs over a wireless network if it uses SD cards for memory storage. Special SD cards are available from Eye-Fi and also under the Lexar brand with Eye-Fi softw... Read More »

Is there a way to make my iPhone 4S camera landscape even when im holding it vertically?

No but you can do vice versa by locking the screen by double tapping the home button and sliding to the right and pressing the circle arrow

What is the song played in the commercial for the wireless iPhone charger where the iPhone has butterfly wings on it?