Could i have fractured my jaw or is it my teeth?

Answer Its weird that theres a missing piece and if that seems to be the case then i would go to a dentist/doctor but theres also something called TMJ that can make your jaw really painful. The pain occur... Read More »

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If one of your canine teeth never came down and you were told it was impacted and you needed oral surgery could this have anything to do with the condition of your other teeth which are very yellow?

Answer Orthodontics and oral surgery would be needed to "pull" the impacted canine into position. This would have nothing to do with color of the teeth. If you are worried about yellowing of the t... Read More »

Could my wrist be fractured?

Sometimes with a wrist fracture that occurs from catching yourself like you describe, the bones maintain normal position for a day or two. The "jamming" of the bones can disguise a broken wrist te... Read More »

I wish i could have straight teeth :(?

Push your teeth softly, constantly. It works... a little

Why does my sprained wrist keep going numb Could it be fractured?

It could have got a nerve, or be a fracture, in which case you need to call the doctor's or get it checked out again!EDIT: thanks for the help on mine :) but here's some more I thought of after I a... Read More »