Could i have been stung by a scorpion?

Answer You were stung by something, but at this point it is hard to tell what.You are describing the typical sting.

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Have you ever been stung by a scorpion?

Ick. Nasty little buggers, glad you dispatched it.The best thing that we use is meat tenderizer -- the powdered kind that comes in a plastic bottle with a red lid. Look for one with an ingredient c... Read More »

What happens when you get stung by a scorpion?

Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Yes, and it hurts, but there is no need for you to get stung.

Have you ever been stung?

Yes by a wasp. I was cooking and I just felt something tickling my neck, as I went to put my hand up to scratch, I felt a burn...I put my hand to my neck and felt something, I batted it away and a ... Read More »