Could i have Alcohol Posioning?

Answer if it really was alcohol poisoning , it wouldnt be affecting you till now as that was days ago ! alcohol is gone from youre system in less than 24 hrs , so its gotta be something else affecting you... Read More »

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How to Look After Your Fish Without Posioning Them?

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How long does alcohol stay in your system if you have to get a urine alcohol screening?

Give yourself 24 hours and you will be fine.

You need 1350 mL of a 65% alcohol solution. On hand, you have a 90% alcohol mixture. How much of the 90% alcoh?

Now, this is a useful time to look up molarity and concentration and related equations for chemistry. this one can be solved by dilution:65% x 1350mL = 90% x yy = 975mLso 975mL of the stock(90% alc... Read More »

How much alcohol would one have to consume to get alcohol poisoning...?

I dont think it only happens when you drink tons, i think it depends on the person and what your drinking and all that, but i think most cases its from drinking ALOT.. Im not sure tho hahaWhy, you ... Read More »