Could i get food poisoning from rice?

Answer You can get poisoning from bacillus cereus (bacteria) on rice, which is usually a problem if you try to reheat rice after it's been cooked once. Here's what the NHS website says about it:"Uncooked ... Read More »

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Can you get food poisoning from pizza?

You can get food poisoning from anything. There is a chance you are just paranoid and almost making yourself feel sick because of the worry. Id take a nap if I were you, im sure you are fine. If no... Read More »

Can you get food poisoning from cashews?

On One Hand: Anything Can Cause Food PoisoningCashews, just like any other food, can carry the bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins that cause food poisoning. Contamination can happen at any poi... Read More »

Can i get food poisoning from wine?

On One Hand: Health Benefits of WineThe health benefits of wine--particularly red wine--are known to be many. Scientific research indicates that while wine does contain bacteria, due to the thoroug... Read More »

Can you get food poisoning from beer?

On One Hand: Beer Can Grow BacteriaDespite the alcohol content, beer is a perfect growing medium for bacteria. Food poisoning-causing bacteria can grow in beer if it is left out after opening or du... Read More »