Could i get arrested for this i hope not!! limewire?

Answer It's illegal but there is a very small chance you will be arrested. Usually the only people who get arrested for this sort of thing are the ones who make the songs available for download. Unless yo... Read More »

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Are people arrested for stealing language CDs on LimeWire?

According to the Record Industry Association of America, severe penalties can be placed on those who download copyrighted material. If the language CD you've downloaded is copyrighted, first-time o... Read More »

Is there any methods could minimize the pores Hope could use something in our daily life!?

yogurt, a pinch of turmeric and gram flour- use it this mask on ur face til lit works like a miracle!! :)use the mask whenever u need it. as many or as few times as u want.

Could I get arrested for prank calling?

haha no one cares i used to think like u lol as long as u dont threaten anyone or do anything really bad no one cares :)

Can a person be arrested for this?