Could i get arrested for this i hope not!! limewire?

Answer It's illegal but there is a very small chance you will be arrested. Usually the only people who get arrested for this sort of thing are the ones who make the songs available for download. Unless yo... Read More »

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Are people arrested for stealing language CDs on LimeWire?

According to the Record Industry Association of America, severe penalties can be placed on those who download copyrighted material. If the language CD you've downloaded is copyrighted, first-time o... Read More »

If you got arrested for underage drinking and the charges got dropped before you even went to court does the record that you have been arrested stay?

Yes. You may be able to petition the court to have the arrest record sealed or expunged.

Can a parent be arrested for disciplininga child for innapropiate sexual activity the father whipped the boys and the mother had him arrested?

I need hope to keep trying...I need word's of hope, From friends?

(((HUGS))) I wish there were an easy way to deal with it. I work with babies every day, we've also been trying for 11 months. I have been tempted to throw in the towel a time or two, too. I kno... Read More »