Could i crossfire a hd 6770 and a hd 7770?

Answer No you cannot because they are of different architecture. The 6770 is fabricated using the 40nm process. The hd 7770 is 28nm and much more power efficient. However you can crossfire a hd 5770 to a... Read More »

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Video card help, ASUS 6770 and 5770 issues?

According to AMD, you cannot crossfire those two cards without the bridge. Though it "seems" to work, it will not work properly:…Shows a crossfire between ... Read More »

3+ Monitors on Radeon 7770?

Yes, it will work without eyefinity. Windows will recognise the monitors. Provided you don't have Win 7 Starter edition, which doesn't support multiple monitors. Yes, you can adapt DVI to VGA. Eyef... Read More »

Is gtx 650 good or hd 7770 how many more years will these gpu last?

Hi Again,Well, since you stated earlier that you're gonna be playing on 720p only, then I can comfortably say that the HD7770 can last you up until 3 years before you notice that it is already stru... Read More »

How to use the HDMI with the radeon hd 7770?

Hi flackstar,My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. This is not a very uncommon issue with external devices plugged in. HDMI for some reason acts like a USB ... Read More »