Could i add music on my Tumblr?

Answer The most common player used on Tumblr is StreampadRead here, all the instructions is already there:…Other alternative sites for flash playershttp://www.myf... Read More »

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How to Put Music on Tumblr?

use smc player. the reason is if you go to another link that's still on that blog, the music continues can choose not to enable autoplay.

How do I add music to my tumblr?

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how you add music.

How do I get a music player on my tumblr? the tab that says "configure settings" it asks you if you want your music player to autostart. Say no.

How to Post Music on Tumblr?

This is a screenshot of a Tumblr music post with a song pulled from Spotify.The most annoying part about sharing music online is not being able to play the song when receiving a recommendation from... Read More »