Could hamsters give me a disease?

Answer Hamsters are popular pets because they are relatively easy to care for; however, hamsters may harbor illnesses that can be transmitted to human beings.LCMHamsters, and other rodents, can contract L... Read More »

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Cushing's Disease in Hamsters?

As more veterinarians increasingly focus on the small animal pet population, more diseases once thought to be exclusive to humans and dogs are being diagnosed within the hamster world. From cancer ... Read More »

Hamsters Wet Tail Disease?

Wet tail disease in hamsters is actually not a problem with the tail, but rather the intestinal system. According to Dr. Nash at, the main symptom of wet tail disease is diarrhea, ... Read More »

Do you need to give hamsters a bath?

On One Hand: Hamsters Don't Need BathingThe natural oils in a hamster coat help protect the hamster from the elements. Bathing removes those oils and can lead to illness and possibly death. Unless ... Read More »

Can you give hamsters a sink bath?

Yes, you can give hamsters a bath in the sink if it is necessary. Do not let the water become very hot, support the hamster on your palm and gently submerse the animal into the water. Use caution ... Read More »