Could fluttering movements in my stomach be gas?

Answer On One Hand: Digestive IssuesMost fluttering sensations are caused by gas bubbles traveling through the digestive tract. The Merck Online Medical Library says the average person passes gas about 13... Read More »

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Can fluttering in the stomach similar to when your stomach growls be a symptom of pregnancy?

Is fluttering in your stomach that isn't gas a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Hi there -Fluttering in your abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy, but as the only symptom you're experiencing I wouldn't personally put this down to being pregnancy related. Fluttering in th... Read More »

Is fluttering in your stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

AnswerWhen I got pregnant, I had a fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen that lasted a few seconds. That's how I knew I was pregnant! So the answer is yes!

When pregnant at what point do you get the fluttering feeling in your stomach?

It depends on every pregnancy. For first time mothers 16 weeks and beyond. For second time or more is believed to be felt as early as 11-12 weeks.