Could diarrhea 2 weeks after sex mean pregnancy?

Answer That is not a standard symptom. You may or may not be pregnant, but the diarrhea won't have anything to do with that. If your period is past due by a couple of weeks, take the home pregnancy test a... Read More »

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37 weeks pregnant and having terrible diarrhea and feeling nauseas all the time could this mean you could go into labor soon?

Answer It may do but it is more likely you have a stomach bug. I suggest you see your maternity care provider. Answer Hello.I'm not really sure, but I would see your doctor about the severe diar... Read More »

If you were getting diarrhea off and on three weeks after protected sex is this a sign of pregnancy?

Answer You more likely have a different issue than pregnancy. Diarrhea is not a usual symptom in any case.

If you start to get a lot of headaches three weeks after sex could that be a sign of pregnancy?

What could be wrong if you have diarrhea nausea and a brown discharge for a couple of weeks when you are 10 weeks pregnant?

Answer You most likely are having issues with first trimester pregnancy FUN! :) I would call your OB just to be on the safe side because you need your mind at rest. Intercourse can cause spottin... Read More »