Could anyone recommend some face products to me :-)?

Answer Check out revlon and NYX. NYX has some great eyeshadows and blushes and Revlon has great foundations like colorstay liquid.

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What MAC products do you recommend?

Okay here we go. First I have to say their lip products, eyeshadows, and blushes are amazing! If you are not very experienced with makeup I would say stay away from the foundations, only because th... Read More »

Why would you recommend people to buy Apple products?

I don't agree with's a joke, I have the iPod 3rd Gen. & iTunes likes to mess with it, and freeze my iPod & stuff.

Makeup Products you love and recommend to others?

I swear by Urban Decay's liquid liners. I have trouble with keeping makeup on all day, since my face is kind of oily, but this stuff stays on better than anything else I've tried. Plus, the color... Read More »

What are 5 beauty products you'd like to recommend to the world :)?

Hey wish upon a star.,This is a great question! The 5 beauty products I'd like to recommend is:1.) Sephora O.P.I Nail Polish:…It's absolutely delightful! ... Read More »