Could anyone help me recover MS Excel password?

Answer That depends on which version of MS-Excel you saved those files in. The older the version, the easier it is to figure out the passwords.I have been able to use Notepad to look at Microsoft files a... Read More »

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How do I Recover a Forgotten Excel Password?

Protecting an Excel workbook with a password is a good idea if you don't want anyone else to have access to personal information. According to Microsoft, if you lose or forget a password, there is ... Read More »

How do I recover an Excel sheet password?

Use Third Party SoftwareDownload a third party password recovery program. A few options are available. (See Resources.) To use the option available on Petri, start by installing the download availa... Read More »

How do I recover a protected password in Excel 2007?

Download "Excel Key" by buying it from the website. Install the program onto your computer by clicking on the "Setup" icon. Follow all steps provided. After install, open the program and follow all... Read More »

Help with Excel 2003 Worksheet Password Protection?

Instead of writing up a bunch of VBA code from scratch, and then testing it to see that it works correctly, before pasting it here for you to use, it would be much easier to repair the code you are... Read More »