Could anyone help me check my result..?

Answer Well!!!!!Enter the address as: fromhttp:// It seems that they have turned off the server!!

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Could anyone help me recover MS Excel password?

That depends on which version of MS-Excel you saved those files in. The older the version, the easier it is to figure out the passwords.I have been able to use Notepad to look at Microsoft files a... Read More »

I worry about dying could anyone help me please?

Dying is inevitable.. it will happen to all of us sooner or later (hopefully later). Please don't live your life in fear of dying, if you do.. you will never be free to actually "live" your life.

Has anyone planned a large scale event If so could you please help?

You need to find a place to hold the event. You really need to know a minimum number of people and then decide the maximum that you will allow. Assuming that you will charge for this event, you n... Read More »

How to check my o'l result?