Could anyone buy wikipedia?

Answer NO.Wikipedia is Open Source Software and open to the public under Open Licencse Agreement.It is supported by users and donations by others as well, as is input that is appreciated by the public to ... Read More »

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How could the wikipedia become trustworthy?

I personally have never had any big problems with their articles. However, I do not go to them for articles about controversial stuff. Too many people fighting over the editing of those articles.... Read More »

Could I pay to use a Wikipedia admin account?

$100? That might be too low. Admin sock farmers would probably want more like $1,000. After all, grooming an admin account is a lot of hard work, involving a lot of brown-nosing. Or maybe if it's j... Read More »

What could be improved about Wikipedia?

One of the main problems with Wikipedia is the ability of "drive-by" editors to insert silly or defamatory commentary in articles, especially those about living people whose reputations are thus ha... Read More »

Could the People's Republic of China "destroy" Wikipedia?

There are many, many, many fail-safes in wiped that would prevent something like that from happening. First, we have the basic principle of "anyone can edit". When someone happens upon a page that ... Read More »