Could anybody answer me please about carpal tunnel pains?

Answer Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when ligaments or tendons in the carpal tunnel become swollen or inflamed. This swell causes the ligaments to put increased pressure on the median nerve. This pressu... Read More »

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Carpal tunnel: what can you get carpal tunnel from, besides working a mouse?

scooping cat poop. That's how my mom got it before they invented computers.

Serious question about 'carpal tunnel syndrome'?

OH....Come on...not even one masturbation joke....???and Yes, those are symptoms of CTS.....The wrist and fingers are all interconnected therefore the tingly fingers are a symptom.Peace.

I have a question about contact lenses, could anyone give me a detailed answer please?

It's up to you. If you want to wear contacts then relax and stop being a big wuss.If you won't stop flinching and blinking then forget about contacts , it's that simple.It is controllable reflexes.... Read More »

Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Rest to the wrist in a splint will reduce pain. But, because you are a typist, I think you will get the pain back once the splint is removed. You may have to undergo a small surgery for a permanent... Read More »