Could a woman breastfeed her husband if he was sick?

Answer ok. all these people are being mean to you. im wont. i feel sorry for you. your just asking a question. answer: yes you probably could. but i dont think it would help an adult. 2. you should take h... Read More »

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Can you breastfeed if you're sick?

Yes, it's actually better for the baby. Chances are the baby has already been exposed. Now the baby needs your antibodies which can be found in your breast milk. Be careful about medications you ... Read More »

Can I breastfeed my husband?

I have heard of husbands who are turned on by having the breastmilk, maybe yours is one of them :) If you are concerned about being able to feed the baby, then let your husband try it out after yo... Read More »

Can a woman with breast implants breastfeed?

On One Hand: Breast Implants are Safe for BreastfeedingBreast enlargement was the most popular cosmetic surgery in 2008, and the safety and possibility of breastfeeding after getting breast implant... Read More »

So the woman who gave birth to octuplets says she wants to breastfeed them all?

Her babies are quite small, and won't need much for the first few weeks. She can probably pump enough for all of them to start. After that they will probably need to supplement what she can make,... Read More »