Could a urinary tract infection stop an operation from proceeding?

Answer On One Hand: Planned SurgeryBefore scheduled surgery, every doctor prefers the patient to be in the best possible health to prevent post-operative complications. The goal is also for the patient to... Read More »

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Could signs of a urinary tract infection turn out to be pregnancy?

Answer Yes it is possible. Some women have a lot of yeast infections during pregnancy while others can have a lot of UTIs. Usually thought UTIs are present during the third trimester, not the first... Read More »

Is a urinary tract infection the same as a bladder infection?

On One Hand: There is More to a Urinary Tract Than a BladderEvery bladder infection can fairly be categorized as a urinary tract infection, although not every urinary tract infection is a bladder i... Read More »

Can a urinary tract infection cause a yeast infection?

On One Hand: Not a Cause of Yeast InfectionsAccording to The Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia University, yeast infections may occur as a result of diarrhea that is sometimes a side effec... Read More »

How can you treat a urinary tract infection?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs when the urinary tract (bladder, kidneys and/or urethra) is infected. As the urine passes through the urinary tract, it may become painful with a burning sens... Read More »