Could a locked sim card work on a unlocked phone?

Answer All SIM cards are "locked"--that is to say, they identify the user to his or her wireless carrier and only transmit information between the phone and a single carrier. Unlocked phones can accept SI... Read More »

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Will a sim card for a Verizon phone work in an unlocked iPhone?

A Verizon sim card cannot be used in an unlocked iPhone because almost none of the Verizon phones uses sim cards. If Verizon phones did use sim cards, the card still would not work because iPhones ... Read More »

New to the unlocked phone thing and looking into buying an unlocked iPhone or blackberry storm on eBay how do you know if the phone will work for US Cellular and what to look when buying?

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My sim card got locked on my phone and then it said the sim card was disabled so what do I do?

Answer if you had a lot of credit on it use one of the unlocking softwares and enter you imei if its stolen they can use this and trace it to u and get arrested you can go to one of the market stoo... Read More »

Can you use an iphone 4s sim card in any unlocked phone?