Could a fifteen year old move out of the family home without parental consent and live with another family or alone?

Answer No. Until the reach the age of majority, usually 18, they live where their parents want them to live. The other family could get into trouble for allowing her to live there without parental permiss... Read More »

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How can a minor leave an abusive home and live with a friend's family without parental consent or involving the authorities?

Answer Quite simply, they can't.Parents have custody of minor children until they voluntarily relinquish it or the court terminates their parental rights.A minor cannot leave the family home unles... Read More »

Can a 16-year-old move into the home of a relative without parental consent?

No. Until they reach the age of majority, usually 18, they are the responsibility of the parent and the parent determines where the child lives.

If you are 14 and pregnant and live in California do you need parental consent to move in with the father?

Yes, you cannot move out until you are 18 without parental permission.

Can a 16-year-old move in with their grandparents without parental consent?

Answer Not unless there is a court order allowing the action. Answer I do not think so, yet you can consider yourself emancipated, which means you get along in life on your own. You probably want... Read More »