Could a felony coviction stop a computer repair or it applicant from being hired?

Answer It really depends upon the employer. For example the FDIC is by law not able to hire anyone with a felony conviction. It would be difficult if not impossible to get any kind of clearance to work fo... Read More »

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Would being an MP in the National Guard help increase your chances of being hired in Dea?

Honestly, it's a bit doubtful, but it can't hurt, either.

Phone line is being tapped. Who could it be and how can I stop it?

Don't assume your line is being tapped. However, If you are doing something that warrants the line to be tapped, then don't rule this out.Here are several scenarios that could be the cause.1. Your ... Read More »

How to Stop My Dog From Biting & Being Possessive?

Dogs are protective by nature. As a result, owners often run into problems with their dogs being possessive over toys, food or other items. Untrained dogs may even growl and bite at anyone who trie... Read More »

How to Stop Children From Being Tardy?

Being fashionably late isn't acceptable at school. Some people are always on time for school or work. There are actually those who get to their destination earlier than they have to; and then there... Read More »