Could a Worn Master Cylinder Cause a Brake Light to Come on?

Answer Master cylinders are the first link in the chain of your hydraulic brake system. The master cylinder is responsible for pushing fluid through the lines, so any failure within it may result in a los... Read More »

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How to Change a Brake Master Cylinder Without Bleeding the Entire Brake System?

The brake master cylinder provides hydraulic pressure for the entire braking system. When the brake pedal is depressed, a push rod activates the master cylinder and pushes brake fluid to all four b... Read More »

What is a Brake Master Cylinder?

The master cylinder converts the force a driver applies to a brake pedal into hydraulic pressure in a dual braking system. Modern cars feature a dual master cylinder which means that there is a sep... Read More »

How to Tell If My Brake Master Cylinder Is Bad?

A leaking master cylinder will cause problems with your vehicle's entire braking system. A bad master cylinder can make a vehicle hard to stop and dangerous to drive, so it is important to repair o... Read More »

How to Put in a Brake Master Cylinder?

If your brakes are feeling spongy or the pedal is going all the way to the floor, it could signal a leaking or faulty brake master cylinder, and the safety of you and your passengers could be at ri... Read More »