Could a Girl have hemophillia?

Answer Yes. Hemophilia is sex-linked, and is much more common in males than in females, but it is not impossible for a girl to have hemophilia.

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Why could there never be a female hemophillia?

Hemophilia is an X-linked recessive disease which means the disease can manifest only if the genes on both chromosomes are affected. As males have only one X chromosome the disease always manifests... Read More »

Is there a possibility my little girl could have lung cancer?

I'd say its unlikely, its rare, but possible, don't try and get too worked up about it and possibly give her a wrong diagnostic based on a few facts and information found on the internet. Its likel... Read More »

I am a 14 year old girl Could I still have protected sex with my 14 year old boyfriend and not get pregnant even though I haven't even gotten my period yet?

There are cases in medical history of girls as young as 8 or 9 who have gotten pregnant, even tho they likely would not have gotten their first period for years to come. You are 14, which means it... Read More »

If a 14-year-old girl gets pregnant by a 17 year-old willingly do they have legal custody of their child or could the state take their baby away?

Answerthe mother is the first to have custy but if you cant support your child then the state may step in and take the child do to the child best intrested but if the child is safe health have food... Read More »