Could a 21 week old survive?

Answer One such survival has been reported. But it is so rare that it can almost be considered a miracle.

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What could be wrong if you have sore nipples one week before your period is due and you had protected sex a week ago and the condom didn't tear or break?

Answer If you are not pregnant, it could just be due over stimulation of the nipples. Especially if you had excessive or prolonged stimulation and are not used to it. Answer You may or may not be p... Read More »

How to Survive AP Week?

AP Exam week is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful ones of the entire school year. How can one survive it?

Can a baby born 34 week survive?

Absolutely. My daughter was born at 33.5 and had no complications. She stayed in the NICU for 16 days to learn to nurse and use a bottle (baby's aren't coordinated enough to do this until 35 weeks)... Read More »

How to Survive a 1 to 2 Week Sleepaway Camp?

This is an easy guide for how to survive and have fun during a 1-2 week sleep-away camp :) read and follow instructions for ultimate fun