Could a 14 year old get pregnant?

Answer i think if shes had her period she can

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In Iowa could a 17-year-old be charged with a criminal offense for getting a 15-year-old pregnant if there is a 5 year age discrepancy in the age of consent law?

Answer Yes. In Iowa the AOC laws apply to older minors as well as adults, that being the case the 17-year-old could be charged with a criminal offense. The AOC for the state is 16, therefore, the... Read More »

What can happen in Minnesota if an 18-year-old gets a 14-year-old pregnant and could he go to jail?

Answer Yes, he can go to jail for statutory rape of a minor. Answer The 18-year old is considered a legal adult in most states including Minnesota, the 14-year old is a minor and beneath the age of... Read More »

What could be the consequences of a 24-year-old getting a 15-year-old who is in foster care pregnant?

Answer : "You'm 15 your boyfriend is 24 He can go to jail and I hope he does.Minors who are placed in a foster home, group home or other juvenile facility are done so by court order and are theref... Read More »

Could an 11-year-old who is having sex get pregnant?

Answer if you started your period then yes you can be pregnant Answer that depends.. are they male or female... if female... yes only if they started their period.. if male... no otherwise they are... Read More »