Could You Live Without Google?

Answer Yes we could. Their search engines will eventually determine what to show you instead of giving you a will see more of what you see on the right hand side of google search, ie sponsored... Read More »

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Is Google Maps live?

The satellite images on Google Maps are not live. Some of the map images are only a year old, while others are up to three years old. Google's websites states that newly received images are integra... Read More »

Is there a ( live ) google earth?

It might in the US where it's all gung ho, but not in the UK. Our laws are tighter over privacy and the Human Rights Act for such a thing to happen. We don't even permit CCTV to be public in real t... Read More »

Can you get paid from Google Adsense if you live outside of US?

You can get paid from anywhere in the world. There are 3 ways to get paid wire tranfer ( if u are in USA or Canada), Standard check ( everyone ) or Western Union ( limited countries ). Unless you a... Read More »

When will Google Street View Germany go live?

The easiest way to find out is to get the basic Google Road or Satellite Maps of your area.Then drag the little yellow man to your road. If your road and/or the surrounding roads turn blue then you... Read More »