Could We Send Best Wishes To My Friend?

Answer poor thing, your friend is definitely in my prayers, may the lord watch over her and heal her, take the pain away and give her peace and comfort. may he shower his blessings upon her, God bless you... Read More »

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How to Send a Letter to Your Best Friend?

Want to keep in touch with your best friend? A letter can be more personal than a tossed-off email.

I need to send a friend overseas some money Paypal the best way to do this?

International bank regulations prohibit financial transactions between Australia and Nigeria. No, really, don't try to verify that or nothin'...I could explain it to you, but then I'd have to use r... Read More »

If you could have a celebrity for your best friend, who would you choose?

I'd pick either the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, or Selena Gomez. I'd pick the Jonas Brothers, because they seem like they'd be really fun to hang out with. I'd love to see how they write songs, an... Read More »

Do you think Naomi Campbell wishes she was famous in the 80's so her brick phone could of done some real damag?

I hate it when my brutal dictator lovers don't give me blood diamonds! But hey, in her defense, sometimes you have to smack your assistants around to get them in line.