Could Scoliosis be the cause of hip pain while running?

Answer Yes definitely as when the spine curves it causes a tilt in the pelvis so this then makes one leg shorter than the other,so result is hip pains your leg is most likely shorter than one but so sligh... Read More »

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Can scoliosis (after surgery) cause knee pain?

It can, but it would be best to wait until your body has fully recuperated from the fusion procedure before trying to identify other issues. Everything needs to settle down to what the new "normal... Read More »

You feeling pressure and pain inside your vagina when you walk and sit or sit up what could cause this pain?

Well, if you are pregnant, it is usually the baby's head pushing into your cervix. (I say that she is head butting me)I've been having the same problem for around 3 weeks now. A lot of times it fee... Read More »

Does running cause back pain?

On One Hand: Not If You Have Strong MusclesTrunk and hip muscles minimize the risk of back pain when running. Weakness in your trunk and hip muscles can cause your lower back to compensate the work... Read More »

Pain in lower leg while running?

it cud possibly be a shin splint. i have been in track since 6th grade and i got shin splints.