Could Lidocaine cause adverse reaction?

Answer AnswerLidocaine is used for more than numbing. Because of lidocaine's direct effect on heart muscle cells it is used to help control the rhythm of the heart. So lidocaine can absolutely cause an ad... Read More »

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Adverse Reaction to Alcohol With the Pneumonia Shot?

The pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV), commonly called the pneumonia vaccine is used to help create resistance to 23 strains of pneumococcal bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease ... Read More »

Could an allergic reaction to surgical adhesive used in a plastic surgury procedure cause your sinuses to produce excessive amounts of mucous?

Answer When your body comes into contact with any substance that you may be allergic to (such as pollen, dust or even surgical adhesive), it reacts to it by trying to get rid of the foreign particl... Read More »

Can dental sealant cause a reaction?

Dental Sealant "reaction" unlikely If by "reaction", you mean allergic reaction, I have never seen one after placing hundreds of them over the past 30 years, nor have I read anything in the resear... Read More »

Why can tattoos cause an allergic reaction to hair dye?

When you get a tattoo, your body recognizes it as a foreign object, so your lymph nodes start producing T cells and lymphocytes (aka: foreign object fighting's too long to type, t... Read More »