Could I still have a thyroid problem if the thyroid levels are normal?

Answer On One Hand: Thyroid Tests Are Not SubjectiveThyroid problems are a common issue among many people, especially as they age. A doctor who suspects thyroid problems will typically order a simple bloo... Read More »

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Could a thyroid problem be causing my itching?

On One Hand: Hyperthyroidism Can Lead to ItchingHyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid glands produce too much thyroid hormone. As a result of this condition, some people may experienc... Read More »

Do I have a thyroid problem please answer?

See your doctor and get a Thyroid function blood test. If that is the problem, it's easily fixed.

Could my thyroid be causing me to have dizzines?

Yes dizziness and vertigo can be caused by a thyroid problem. I'm telling you this from experience. A miscarriage can also be caused by a thyroid problem if it is not treated. Also telling you f... Read More »

Why did my Thyroid (TSH) levels increase?

Here ; why your TSH had increase The pituitary gland secrets a substance call TSH which prompts the thyroid gland to increase the production of TISH A hyper active thy... Read More »