Could I re-dye my hair Help!?

Answer DO NOT DYE IT BLONDEPutting blonde dye over another color isn't going to do anything. Color cannot lift color. You're going to have to get the red out before you can put the blonde dye in. If you d... Read More »

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Could you pleasee help me what should i do to my hair ?

u should totally gey sum choppy scene layers in ur hair & tease them up alittle cuz u definitally have the face structure for it trust me then also make ur ends very thin and skinny and u should al... Read More »

Could you recommend some types of foods i could try eating more often to help with digestive problems?

Ok, i need some help with my camcorder, could someone help me, i'm very desperate to get this working!?

I'm surprised no-one has stated the obvious...According to your description, "Now, i have a port in my camcorder and on my computer like this:"...You have a mini-FW socket on your computer AND the ... Read More »

A good friend of mine on here said I should ask this question which I could use your help. Please help?

as soon as youtube wants to work..… born on the bayou- CCR… this day we fight!- megadeth