Could I prescribed HGH for my height?

Answer Yes you can ask a doctor for that.

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What meds could i get prescribed for sleep in my situaion?

Hi Nick,It is very dangerous for a teenager to take sleeping medications. They can also cause depression in people of any age. Many of my clients come to me with sleep issues. I highly recommend th... Read More »

I am 18 years old, could you please suggests me how to grow my height?


My height is 179cm or 5feet 10 n half inches. is my height abnormalwhat is standerd height of a male human?

In the US you'd be considered right about average - the average American male is five feet nine inches. I don't know about Indian males and how height can benefit you there.

How to be taller What are the factors that could affect height?

Your height is mostly a matter of genetics. If your family is short, then you are likely to be short as well. You can maximize your height by eating a healthy diet (particularly lean protein and ... Read More »