Could I possibly be Vitamin D deficient?

Answer 97% of people are vitD deficient it would be shocking if you weren't since you don't go outside.I would recommend that you do a low carb, high saturated fat way of eating to bring your body to a st... Read More »

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What could I possibly get?

1,000 - 2,500 - it depends on whether you want to buy used or new.

Could I possibly have als?

you don't have als. Symptoms include:Difficulty breathingDifficulty swallowingChoking easilyDroolingGaggingHead drop due to weakness of the neck musclesMuscle crampsMuscle contractions called fasci... Read More »

Could I possibly be pregnant?

HRM I'm sorry I should have worn a rubber. LMAO :)

Could MJ possibly be...alive?

Well....... you know who else is alive.....dang I wish I could tell you, but he lives in my basement and we formed a secret alliance.